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T he problem

As children, we are told what to do, how to be safe and learn how to be self-sufficient.

Our thoughts are formed by the implants of those who raised us as well as observed events. Our behaviors affect whom we attract as friends, enemies, grades in school, and future desires and decisions.

As adultswe are now responsible for our thoughts, behaviors, and successes.

We can decide to eat pizza and ice cream for dinner, stay up late, and choose the career we want, work hard or not at all.

We are free to choose success or failure.

Our intentions for our future success and success of our children are the best; unfortunately, unhealthy thoughts and behaviors affect our successes or lack thereof and emotional stability of our children.

Have you ever sabotaged relationships?

Have you ever worried about things that have not happened?

How much time have you wasted living in fear of your past or future?

Do you achieve a goal only to revert back to old ways and lose the success you achieved?

As adults, we have much power and freedom, but we often live as a hostage to our childhood self-perceptions and those of the outside world.

All of these time wasters above are choices you make and invite into your life though unconscious thoughts connected to people or events that shape your decisions and behaviors today.

What if there were a way to negate, neutralize and completely obliterate your attachment to the impediments that keep you from moving in the direction you desire within minutes?

Every form of therapy I’ve never been exposed to for personal use or reading for my own edification focuses on the discovery process.

Some forms of therapy have techniques with practical application that can work at some level. Such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) are just two examples which require you to participate in a physical action.

I’ve tried both of these, and neither one of them nor the combination of them has ever freed me or anyone I’ve discussed them with from the attachment of wanted emotional issues the past, in turn changing my behavior and thoughts.

Also, you are required to continually “apply” some thought or action to experience the change you seek.


Traditional therapy

I went to therapy from the ages of 28 to 31 once every week. I was angry at life and had horrible communication skills. I was not authentic, I held my feelings in and allowed negative stories that never happened to develop and run my life limiting my success.

My experience in traditional therapy was positive and profound as far as discovering why I acted the way I did and who the biggest influences were in my life.

Also, I learned how to set boundaries and came away with amazing communication skills.

However, that’s only part of the equation when it comes to discovering and addressing issues.

So after my therapist had said I didn’t need to see her anymore, I thought I was healed.

The truth was I was far from it and now developed anxiety due to what becoming aware of and why I felt angry, or fearful.

Visualizing does not work unless you change your belief system to align with what you’re trying to visualize.  Discovery of who you are and why you act the way you do does not change the way you think and behave until you remove the attachment to “why” you think and behave in the manner you do.

While I recognize meditation works for some, it often takes years to master and has yet to work for me. I’ve tried for many years. Prior to neutralizing my attachment to my past I did experience peace when I was able to meditateHowever, my thoughts and actions throughout the day didn’t change, especially when faced with an emotional challenge.

Here’s my stance on traditional therapy for people who are not aware of their impediments and why they struggle to be financially successful, emotionally free or in successful in relationships.

If you don’t know you’re a jerk, and you visit a therapist, you now know you’re a jerk. Now what?

My point? Once you discover who you are and why you behave in the manner you do, it doesn’t change negative thoughts and success limiting behaviors until you remove the unwanted feelings or attachment to those people and events that formed your belief system.

new perspective and tools are great and certainly beneficial, but without neutralizing unwanted emotions and attachment to people and events, it’s almost impossible to create new beliefs to change your thoughts and behaviors to draw in the success you desire.

If you don’t change your belief system, good luck trying to think and act differently to attract the people you would like to align with and things you wish to have.

In my experience traditional therapy has not and cannot remove unwanted feelings or attachment to past events and people, because traditional therapy is a tool for discovering, learning more about you and gaining new tools to manage life.

I’m not discounting therapy, in my experience and observation when talking with dear friends of mine who are psychologists, agree traditional therapy cannot remove the unwanted emotions and negative movie in your mind that plagues us. However, a counselor can help to identify impediments and I can help you remove them. 

What will it take to change your beliefs and stop the never-ending drama movie in your mind?

There is one proven way and the only one I’ve found in the last 21 years of searching. I’ve read every self-help book I could and participated in many disciplines of therapy to rid me of feeling the way I did and the negative thoughts that have held me back.


T he Solution

In 2014, while searching yet again for relief of my limiting thoughts, I stumbled upon a form of therapy that claimed to neutralize unwanted emotions and the attachments to people and events that influenced negative behaviors and unwanted self-perceptions.

Our subconscious is great at matching patterns of experience, and language is no different. Your subconscious mind will find patterns to relate to your past which can trigger an unwanted response that otherwise would not affect someone else who has a different belief system and conversation playing in their head.

After using this program on myself that has liberated me from all that I’ve been aware of for many years, in 2016, I became a master practitioner and began using this program on friends. I soon after created my own program and a client base that has grown throughout the U.S. which has now lead me to create this website.

No other form of therapy I’ve ever been exposed to breaks the anchor (a conditioned response to an event or person.) This is where your mind connects two things together to make sense of them.

Results equally as profound while using this program is a lack of need to try to think and act differently, after removing the unwanted movie in your mind. New thoughts and behaviors come without having to try to think and act differently.

Consistently, clients are liberated from their past and begin making decisions, with courage where previously they struggled with prior to eliminating their impediments.

Everyone seems to experience ancillary benefits never worked on in our sessions. Why? Because we worked to neutralize the deepest issues (root cause), often from childhood, so mannerisms and thoughts not attached to the unwanted emotion or never-ending drama or horror movie have changed.

One client didn’t stress when they were forced to move.

Another didn’t feel timid or react when someone talked down to them; they instead felt courageous and compassion and were able to set boundaries with confidence.

Four people who lived with PTSD due to different causes such as rape, sexual abuse, and a war veteran have all claimed to be liberated from their anxiety, thoughts of suicide and the horror movie that played over and over in their head for many years. See testimonials

As you can imagine, my client load increased rapidly, and today I am pleased to help others begin to move in the direction they’ve wanted to go for a long, long time.

With all of this said not all people will qualify to work with me.

I’ve met many people who complain about what they lack, or their health, etc. and how they wish they could be or have something different, yet once they acquire some effective tools, they sabotage their results or never begin using those beneficial tools.

There are some people who have a fixed mindset and feel righteous about feeling and acting the way they do.

Do you qualify?


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