D ebbra was courageous enough to share her profound results on this video. After a couple of sessions we completely neutralized emotional attachment and beliefs that held her back from the life she’s desired for many years. She’s much more confident and able to live with abandon to the outcome of taking certain risks she’s avoided in the past.
When I met George, I had recently been forced to move back in with my parents and was struggling with depression, anxiety, and a general lack of respect for myself.  I didn’t quite grasp just how seriously these issues were affecting every aspect of my life from my physical to my mental state. I learned a lot going through the discovery session homework, and even though I thought I was doing fine wading through life, together we were able to identify several beliefs and suppressed emotions that I held. These thoughts and emotions were crippling me and preventing me from being able to see or acknowledge my full potential. From just the first session, I felt completely released from my attachment to what was bothering me. I was introduced to something,unlike anything that any therapist before had tried.  The results were instantaneous and lasting. Throughout several sessions, we worked to release negative beliefs and emotions directed toward both myself and other toxic individuals in my life as well as installing new beliefs, goals. We also worked to strengthen the vision of my aspirations and where I wanted to be in my life and in the future. Overall, while the discovery work is not easy, the release work George does is rapid and easy.  I can say that I am a much happier person who now has strong, healthy beliefs about treating myself and my body with the respect that I deserve and I’m able to set boundaries with others. Releasing the negative beliefs I held before working with George is still holding strong and allowing me to continuously improve my mind and body.

Working with George has no dollar amount, simply priceless. I suffered from high functioning anxiety disorder. My behaviors were debilitating to my personal and business relationships.  I woke up in fear every morning, as it was difficult to breathe and my chest tightening from constant anxiety. If you are in therapy or have been for a long period of time, I would highly recommend you speak with George to understand a new view within whatever struggles you are currently facing. He takes a methodical and intense approach to new age therapy. Modern medicine was not an alternative I was willing to test and feel George’s process is light years ahead of current healthcare offerings. The value and benefits that have significantly impacted my life for the greater good.  I can ACTUALLY breathe and make decisions without fear of the unknown. I believe that this new found confidence will continue to positively impact the remainder of my lifespan and will be forever grateful for the investment to taking back my life! Living 30 years with debilitating anxiety was abolished within a week of consecutive training sessions with George’s Mental Pattern Reprogramming Workshop George has true passion in his work in which is demonstrated by his persistence, patience and unique approach.

Linda W

With George I went from distrusting, fearing and to some degree hating men - to believing that I am worthy of trust and the love of my dreams. I went from trying to be "perfect" - to courageously embracing, sharing and walking forward in my imperfections. I went from being the queen of compartmentalizing - to allowing my buried emotions of rage, hatred, shame, guilt, "dirty" and not worthy to move through me and evicted them from my sacred home - my soul.  I have now forgiven the men that hurt me. (Which I thought I had, but with this work I realized there was still deep dark pain in places I wasn't consciously aware of.) I forgave myself. (Which I had resisted.) I moved out of the safety and comfort of my parents neighborhood - because I am ready to be a "woman" not a girl. I began to openly share my story in hopes of letting people know that change is possible. Thank you George! You gave me back my life that was stolen from me when I was a child. Thanks to you I have the inner freedom to pay it forward.   


I wish I could find the words to clearly articulate how incredible I feel and free; like the weight of a million earths have been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you, my friend, George DiGianni, for allowing me to go through your life transformational program and experience first hand what it means to be free of all the bullshit that was an emotional roadblock for so long in my life.I really wish I could find the words to describe what I am feeling. Update: Simply amazing! In just two sessions George helped medestroy old, limiting beliefs and install empowering beliefsthat have me on the road to even greater success, wealth,love, and happiness. I can not thank you enough, George, or shout the praises of your service loud enough. George helped me drop an emotional anchor I have been dragging for 30 years. For the first time in my life I am truly free from a major traumatic event in my life and it feels so good. I look forward to what's to come in the days, weeks, months and years that I am blessed with on this mortal coil, and how profoundly I can touch others lives now that I fully understand my own.

Mr. B

From a licensed psychotherapist: In my very recent the past, I have experienced intense fear and resentment around my family of origin and I was starting to believe I was not going to ever be completely healed from years of emotional trauma and abuse. So when George DiGianni told me about the work he was doing I was skeptical but was willing to try anything as a last ditch effort to gain relief from my pain. It's a good thing I did!!! Working with George for only a few sessions accomplished what years of time consuming and expensive psychotherapy could not. I was delighted to finally be free of issues that have been haunting me for years. I can only describe my progress as nothing short of a miracle. I am looking forward to moving forward with my life without the burden of my old baggage. Already, my relationships with my family are much for pleasant for me and THEM. I can only imagine how this will affect my life moving forward. In addition, I was a psychotherapist and have seen LOTS of treatment modalities, some even are somewhat helpful and effective for my clients. However, the work George is doing is LEAPS & BOUNDS faster, easier and more efficient. No more wasting time with talk, talk, talk..... Only results!! Also, I just want to thank George for working with me and his commitment to the end of my suffering. It is inspiring to work with someone with such a high level of professionalism and passion. With Gratitude ~

Lea Fisher

Before implementing this particular therapy in my life, I was seeing a counselor, attending support groups, working with life coaches, and psychiatrists.  At times I would have a decent day, but after interacting with people it only amplified my emotion and at times. My emotions had not been dealt with in all of the modalities of therapy I took part in. They only intensified the more I learned about myself and my past. The shame, self-hate, and guilt were blocking me from living a loving and harmonious life. It was absolutely horrifying and literally debilitating. For years I suffered from numerous panic attacks and thoughts of suicide. My emotions were controlling every aspect of my life, which constantly lead to toxic relationships, self-destruction, and continued to affect my low self-esteem.  I wanted to end the cycle because the pain was so excruciating. I knew I had to do something, but the other forms of therapy failed me. I had lost all hope. George whom I’ve known for many years offered to help me with the protocol he was using on his clients with great success. I agreed to be part of it, but secretly I felt it was not going to work, I went along with it anyway. I wanted to break the pattern; to sever all ties with the darkness that followed me everywhere. So I followed  George’s instructions in the discovery process and during our session. The Discovery process was nothing new. I asked myself "Really? this again? I've done this a million times!” But I went back as far as I could in my life, and the pattern that played over and over in my head was disrupted during our session and I even had difficulty recalling the emotion or the movie in my mind that I worked on. I surrendered myself to the process and moments later and to my surprise, it disappeared! I want to stress to anyone considering applying themselves to this format that you have got to dive DEEP and relive some of the most wicked, hurtful things in your past. The more you allow yourself to feel the pain all over again during the session the better it works and better you will feel. Ask yourself "How free do I want to be?" I was open and so willing. Through the implanting process, I was able to believe and accept the new positive mental laws that I ascribed to myself since I now align with my new beliefs with my emotions. I knew I had to just clear out all the negative chatter going on in my head first. George's program helped me design a successful life for me in such a way that I am no longer afraid of what the future holds. Life for me today is less threatening and I feel a part of the world even more. Today, I am able to visualize and believe that a successful life is totally attainable.  A week later my positive voice became louder and all the negative thoughts and emotions left me. I was set free!  

Jacy Shipman