Single Sessions

Now you can have a single one on one session to address an unwanted emotion that might be ruining your day, affecting your ability to focus, prevent you from public speaking or anything that you feel is limiting your success in your personal or professional relationships.

Anxiety can be easily addressed, however, you must be able to identify the reason behind the anxiety and what you wish to work on.

If you suffer from more than one emotion attached to a person or event such as being angry with a former partner, felt shame or guilt, yet you’re sad the good times are over, all of these emotions cannot be addressed in one session.

You may want to consider eight sessions in my Beyond Discovery program.

Or my three-day Mental Pattern Reprogramming workshop

I encourage you to purchase the Self Discovery session to help identify the root cause of unwanted emotions as its core.



Are you aware of why you continue to have similar challenges in a relationship or job? Are you burdened by mistake in your sport, job, relationship etc.?

The single one-on-one sessions are designed to help you completely neutralize one emotion, not a trauma which takes more time and work on discovering the root cause

Benefits of single sessions:

  • Release attachment to a past mistake or regret
  • Instantly feel better about a stressful situation
  • Eliminate anxiety if due to emotional issues, not a nutrient deficiency (magnesium) or medication
  • Release fear of public speaking
  • Release fear of test taking