Self Discovery

The Self Discovery homework can help you go deeper to identify the root cause of why you continue to attract what you don’t want, failed relationships, lack self-worth andneed to self-medicate, etc.

Self Discovery sessions can help you find the “why “ behind your  fears and life choices.

I encourage you to read every word carefully and take every suggestion literally when filling out the discovery paperwork.

Take your time, do not rush the discovery process.

You will receive one discovery session every five days. This deep dive often reveal more information when we sleep or as the days pass, enabling you to add to your story in these sessions to learn why you think, behave and/or experience lack in life.

You may already know some or most of this information, but have you ever taken the time to write it down in detail?

If there is a problem that you’ve not been able to release from and find yourself suppressing the thoughtsattached to a particular event, I encourage you to read more on my one on one single sessions, Beyond Discovery and the total transformation Mental Pattern Reprogramming workshop.

These one on one sessions will createnew neural connections

andrelease you from unwanted habits, fear, and negative thinking.

These Self Discovery sessions are a great tool for uncovering fear, bad habits, and unwanted behaviors.

However, there are not designed to neutralize unwanted emotions and create new neural connections.

Discover unhealthy Beliefs and behavior  :

  • Uncover damaging beliefs and behaviors
  • Learn the importance of communication
  • Adopt new actionable tools for success

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