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Potentially YOU

Affiliate=referring partner

Company= Potentially You (360 Degree Health Solutions) =George DiGianni

Client= Person receiving service from Potentially You George DiGianni

Commission= monies paid to Affiliate for referral services

Sessions= One on one Client Potentially You private sessions

MPR= Mental Pattern Reprogramming large ticket session

  1. Affiliate and Company agree to terms and conditions in this document between Affiliate and Company for payment of referring clients to Potentially You for one on one services offered on Company, Potentially You website.
  2. Affiliate agrees to refer clients to the Potentially You to which Affiliate will receive $50 for each $300 client and each one on one session with each client.
  3. If Potentially You website increases it’s rate for single sessions, the increase in percentage paid to the Affiliate will decrease in a tiered approach. Using round figures paying 17% commission of a $300 session not to exceed more than $50 to be paid on every $300 session for each client referred by Affiliate.

If Potentially You website prices increase by $100 for each session totaling $400 per session. Commission paid to Affiliate for each session will decrease 2%.

Example: If sessions increase to total $400 per session, Affiliate commission would be 15% for a total of $60 paid for each client and each session.

  1. Commissions involving any session or sessions that require Potentially You to travel outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area will decrease to 10% to be paid to Affiliate. This 10% affiliate payout is due to expenses associated with drive time, gas, wear and tear on vehicle.
  2. Large ticket items such as but not limited to Potentially You $10,000 Mental Pattern Reprogramming a 10% commission will be paid to Affiliate to total $1000 commission.
    10% commission will continue regardless of how high Potentially You website raises prices for any workshop or any single session increasing above $10,000.

Example 1: If/when Potentially You website price for  MPR workshop increases to $15,000 affiliates 10% commission will total  $1500.

Example 2: If and large ticket offer $10,000 or above increases to $30,000 for this workshop affiliate commission total is $3000 at 10%

  1. There’s no extra work for Affiliate to do beyond initial referral. Any and all support given by Affiliate after referred client has been changed by Potentially You is Affiliates prerogative.
  2. Any travel arrangements for Potentially You George DiGianni will be made by Potentially You. Travel accommodations such as destination, monies allocated for trip etc. will be paid by Client, affiliate is not responsible for travel expenses or destination input.
  3. Affiliate Shayna Green aka Haley Fox, may use her travel agent service for clients referred by Affiliate Shayna Green. Client must be informed in writing that all travel requirements arranged by Shayna Green are between Client and Shayna Green and that Potentially you George DiGianni has no input, affiliation of monetary gain with Shayna Green and travel services. Any and all travel fees, services and cancellations will be dealt with through Shayna Green and Client. Shayna Green agrees to confirm, manage and adjust all travel arrangements between Client and Shayna Green for which Shayna Green originally arranged between Client and Shayna Green for travel purposes. Services and monies connected to travel and Client executed by Shayna Green and Client will Shayna Green and will have no affiliation or connection to  Potentially You George DiGianni.
    to  Potentially You  will not incur any expenses associated with Shayne Green, travel and/or Client for any travel accommodations.
    Any costs incurred by Shayna Green and travel will be the sole responsibility of Shayna Green
  4. Payments made to Potentially You requiring service fee for a transaction will not be passed on to the Affiliate since this new commission structure will absorb the 2%-3.5% deduction in fees.
    Using 3% of $10,000 total fee charged to  Potentially You  George DiGianni is $300.
    Any Client paying Potentially You for services using points to pay for sessions through a credit card is a 5.6% (give or take .05%) transaction fee equal to $560 based on the $10,000 model.
    These fees too will be absorbed by Potentially You George DiGianni
  5. Commissions: Affiliates will be paid commission mentioned above and agreed upon in this agreement between Potentially You  and Affiliate after Client has reached the window where no refunds will be offered or percentage of refund has decreased.
    Commissions to Affiliate with be paid within 24 hours of this no refund window, by personal check Paypal, or Venmo app
  6. Potentially You George DiGianni one on one large ticket is currently $10,000 for a three-day workshop will incur external costs including, but not limited to, money transaction fees, travel fees, taxi service, airport charges, baggage and handling charges, personal charges. None of these charges are the responsibility of Affiliate.

No refunds are offered to Client the day of the session or after services are performed.
Client may request a refund 24 hours prior to offsite video session of Beyond Discovery one on one sessions.
Client may request a full refund five days prior to offsite MPR or any large ticket session. Any refund requested after five days prior to offsite MPR or any large ticket sessions Client will receive a maximum of 70% of monies paid from Client to Potentially You.
Affiliate will not receive Commission for refunds requested by any Client who cancels outside of the agreed upon refund policy stated above. Expenses incurred by Potentially You, including but not limited to preparation creation for all sessions, personal arrangements made where Potentially You is subjected to externally agreed upon cancellation polices, etc. prevent Potentially You from paying Affiliate money to any Affiliate.
If Client requests a refund prior to any session, including travel he/she/they are subjected to Potentially You refund policy and agreed to by Potentially You, Client and Affiliate.



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