Personal Development

H ow long have you lived repeating the same failed pattern in relationships

Do you sabotage relationships

Do you sabotage goals you achieved?

How much time have you wasted living in fear of your past or fear of the future?

How long have you wasted trying to please others?

How long have you lived with regret, feeling shame, guilt sadness and anger

How much time have you wasted trying to fill a void by shopping, using drugs or alcohol or, trying to force a relationship to work?

How long have you lived feeling insecure and worried about what others think of you

How long have been affected by a trauma due to death

Are you still affected by a miscarriage

ALL of this can be changed to help you get out of your own way. We will neutralize the unwanted movie in your mind that rules how you think, feel and behave. Decide on which sessions will best fit your needs and qualify for the single sessions, Beyond Discovery or Mental Pattern Reprogramming

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