MPR Workshop

Mental Pattern Reprogramming

T his workshop was designed to change your attachment to unwanted events or people from your past that limit your success in business, relationships and/or inner peace due to an unwanted event within a very short time of three days.

After neutralizing those sticking points to the success you seek, we will install a new belief process to change your subconscious thoughts and mannerisms to think and act differently without having to try to think and act differently.

We will do this by creating new neural connections

and release you from unwanted habits, fear, and negative thinking.

  • Imagine being liberated from sexual or physical abuse and the constant horror movie that plays in your mind affecting relationships, money and inner peace within three days
  • Imagine losing an attachment to a horrible divorce, Renewing your sense of self and new belief that not everyone is out to hurt you within three days
  • Imagine living with courage instead of it being timid with the memory of being bullied at a very young age that still affects you and your actions and outcome today within three days
  • Imagine believing in yourself, being enough and ridding your mind of being judge mental toward others by losing your attachment to a parent or guardian who oppressed you or told you, you were not good enough within three days
  • Imagine being liberated from limiting negative thoughts, anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs within a few days.

We will neutralize those impediments to your success, allowing you to finally move in the direction you have wanted to for years, all in our three-day Mental Pattern Reprogramming workshop.

While this process works the same as if you were to purchase one session at a time, this three day Mental Pattern Reprogramming workshop was designed to make these profound changes in your thoughts, feelings, and habits within three days, not months.

The second day, as explained below is an ad hoc day if needed to remove any very uncomfortable feelings that may arise during the rest period.

The intense work will be a full two days of 8-10 hours to  change your inauthentic self to become authentic and attract the business and relationships you outwardly say you want.

In this workshop, you will have my undivided attention for three days.

These sessions will be in person at your home, office or some place that you feel most comfortable. We need you to be as comfortable as possible and a familiar place often helps with that.

For out of town clients I will stay in a hotel close to our meeting place.


Day 1. Upon arrival, we will make sure you’ve identified every emotion and situation you want to neutralize. We will break these issues down into small chunks and work for approximately two hours before we break for 30 minutes.

We will repeat this on-off schedule throughout the entire day for 8-10 hours in total.

During these 30 minute breaks, you can do anything you’d like, go outside for a walk, take a nap, eat, do work, meditate, etc.

Day 2. The day after our session your subconscious mind will more than likely reveal unwanted emotions and forgotten memories that cannot be identified consciously. These memories come to us during a time of rest, distraction, and sleep. Discovering new unwanted thoughts and feelings is normal, and on day 2 we will neutralize any and all new discoveries right away. Day 2 will be more discovery than simply focusing on release.
Note: If you have PTSD there is a chance you could feel anxious or a very uncomfortable emotion may arise that needs to be dealt with right away. I will be available for you to release you from those feelings right away.

We can only work on what we can recall consciously. You did this while filling out your session homework prior to our meeting and whatever came to mind on day 1.

Day 3. The first half of day three will be more release work discovered from new discoveries from day one and two.

The second half of day three we will begin to install new beliefs and behaviors surrounding all release work and new desired beliefs for the life you desire.
We will work to change your subconscious attachments to help you move in the direction you wish to go without feeling hostage to past impediments to your success.

A new story, one you will re-write.

All thoughts become memories. When addressing past events, your new made up story could stop or prevent that unwanted event from happening while changing the belief.
Sound unbelievable? Once you’re out of your own way, you can create a new thought process.
We remember when we graduated from school, married, had a baby, won the lottery, divorced and/or had a traumatic event, but we forgot where we put our keys or when we brushed our teeth.
This process works on that exact mind model. Once impediments are removed, your mind will be liberated to create a new desired story and more easily accept those new thoughts and beliefs.

Example, if you’ve dealt with abandonment issues in relationships and have had trouble with self-worth issues. During our install session, your new story could be visualizing the parent/parents who influenced your self-worth as nurturing you with words and validation you deserved to receive.

If you didn’t know a parent who may have left you at an early age, you could visualize that parent nurturing you by saying and doing the things you wanted and needed them to.
We will install these new beliefs to create a new stronger sense of self-worth.
Installing these new beliefs requires the long hours of work to neutralize limiting beliefs on day 1, more discovery day 2 and more release work, and even more release work the first half of day three.

We will bypass the critical factor to allow you to accept new desired beliefs to change the movie in your mind.

If you’ve ever tried to change negative thoughts or convince yourself to believe something different than you currently do and wonder why it didn’t work, it’s because your belief system needs to change and the critical factor needs to be bypassed otherwise your effort may fall short.

Benefits of the Mental Pattern Reprogramming Workshop

  •  Uncover negative beliefs and behaviors impeding the success you desire
  •  Adopt new actionable tools for success
  • Break unwanted neural networks (negative thinking/feeling) to unhealthy parent(s), boss, friend, regretful actions etc. and attachment to all people or events that affected the lack, anxiety, term oil in your relationships, financial status and career everyone who adversely affected your self worth, decisions, confidence, self esteem and lack. We will release your from the bully, parent(s) who made you feel unworthy, the boss who didn’t like you, the friend who betrayed you, hardship of divorce and failed attempt to succeed in a sport, business or relationship.
  • Create and install new beliefs and behaviors of new neural connections (positive thoughts/feelings) to be fully confident in your sport, meeting, relationship, and make healthy choices without having to try to think or act differently
  • Eliminate all anxiety (if due to emotional term oil)
  • Ability to set goals without sabotaging your success
  • Set boundaries without fear of confrontation
  • Set goals without sabotaging your success
  • Live without anger or fear

If you’re ready to leave your story behind click Qualify.


D ebbra was courageous enough to share her profound results on this video. After a couple of sessions we completely neutralized emotional attachment and beliefs that held her back from the life she’s desired for many years. She’s much more confident and able to live with abandon to the outcome of taking certain risks she’s avoided in the past.

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