Potentially you

I decided to write this book to do more than help people become aware of themselves. I wrote it to give people indepth insight into their thoughts, actions, and their impact on their environment. It is my hope that, by using the steps, tools, and skills that I propose in this book, you will be able to become liberated from your negative thoughts. When you accomplish this, you are no longer at the mercy of circumstances, your past, or other people when it comes to determining the course of your life. If you are both mentally and physically exhausted from the effort expended as you rebel against yourself or your life, wouldn’t you be open to experiencing a new approach, one which will grant you insight, empowerment, and execution? In this book, you will learn to overcome your obstacles, and instead, turn them into opportunities. You will learn that the manner in which you maintain, fortify, and move your body can be slightly altered to bring about a more Efficient You. Have you asked yourself questions such as this: “Why me?”… “How can I?”... “What will it take to…?”

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Do you bury your head in the sand and hope for some magic pill? Worst of all, is it more appealing to simply read or listen to the words of someone else who tells you only what you want to hear? If you feel lost and that you need direction, you may already be this person. You may not have realized it until just now. If the latter is how you normally operate, with all due respect, I must ask, in the words of Dr. Phil, “How’s that working for ya?” When losing your keys, having an accident, being forgetful or irresponsible with your money, ending up in yet another dead-end relationship - does it ever occur to you to connect the dots? It may all stem from not having a vision of a new norm, one that is clear and has actions related to it that move it along. This book will guide you at your pace to make progressive changes, without feeling the need to be perfect or creating more tension along the way. There’s no sense in making this harder than it has to be. I will help you naturally create and become the image you hold in your mind of your full potential, the one you feel is hiding inside, just waiting to emerge. The knowledge you will learn when reading this book will help you flourish, without the typical resistance associated with “change so you can be your ‘ideal you.’ The first part of this book, Chapters 1-6, was created to help you gain insight into how you currently operate and why you continue to get what you have in life.

Some of the things you get in life may be good. You may have others are comprised of not- so-good feelings, circumstances, and people that continue to rule your life. The second part of Potentially YOU is more of a workbook to help you devise a Life Plan, similar to the way that a person creates a business plan when they decide to start a business. Having a plan can create successes in many unexpected and inspirational ways. Your life plan will help with everything from accomplishing milestones, to raising money, to understanding the type of people you want on your team. I strongly encourage you to go through the steps outlined in my “Business Plan to Life Plan” workbook. Your Life Plan may change over time. You may add more to it as you accomplish more tasks or overcome emotional challenges that once held you back from your true potential. A Life Plan is not static. Rather, it’s dynamic and requires changing your strategy and adding milestones as you progress. Keep in mind that it is not beneficial to add more to your plan if you are unable to accomplish the tasks created initially, so only add what you can handle in your Life Plan. As you progress and reach milestones, performing and completing each task, then you add more. Regardless of the tool provided in this book, if you’re not ready to have all you want in life, from losing fat and being consistent with your exercise efforts, to inner peace and financial stability, then you will not change, and may even create more anxiety along the way.

If you are not ready, then, all you’ll have is another book to add to your collection in your library of hope. You may want to come back to this book at another time and try again. Creating a new norm doesn’t have to be scary. It can just be doing something old in a new and different way. Now, it is time for you to create a new story.

The Holy Trinity

I’ve identified groups of people who fit into particular categories at different times of their life.

These categories are; happy people, unhappy people and those who believe they’re happy yet unwilling to admit they’re not.

With this in mind, I created the Holy Trinity of achieving success which consists of three essential ingredients to address our health, career or relationships, and not one of them is more important than the other.

Placing religion aside, I call it The Holy Trinity model.

Discover, Decide, Act.

The first step in the Holy Trinity is the mental side (most people tend to struggle here) (discovery) identifying your level of happiness, discovering historical patterns of failure and impediments to your success.

The second step in the Holy Trinity is deciding to commit to your discovered desires. Feel it in your heart and commit to it.

The third step is putting what you discovered and committed to into action

Action is the least difficult to implement in my experience. Some may disagree and say it’s case by case.

In my observation, once I see people discover their heart’s desire and commit to it, there’s no stopping them from acting upon it and moving in the direction toward success.