Beyond Discovery

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If you have done the work in this book and resist discovering why you avoid uncomfortable challenges and do not want to “feel” anxious, angry or any other unwanted emotion because you don’t know what to do with those feelings after you’ve identified them. There is a way to release you from those negative feelings and thoughts, sabotaging, unwanted habits and historical patterns of failure.

With this new awareness, we can open doors to help you by working 1-on1 with me to neutralize the emotions connected to a person or event that took you in a direction you didn’t want to go in life. We will remove the impediments that have prevented you from the success you desire and deserve.

Many people who have a growth mindset gain much, what I call head knowledge by reading everything self-help book and what successful people do and how to act to accomplish their goals, or maybe it simply to feel better. While gaining new insight is beneficial, it’s only part of the equation to move in the direction you seek.

Heart knowledge is the application of head knowledge, which in turn creates a higher EQ (emotional intelligence.) Aligning your thoughts with your heart.

Acting or be something different happens when you align a new belief you’re trying to install with your head knowledge (desire).

I’ve read every self-improvement book you can imagine and have worked for decades to think and act differently to no avail or with minor improvements.

In 2015 I discovered a technique used by only a handful of people in the U.S. It has changed my life and done so within months. This program will create new neural connections
 and release you from unwanted habits, fear, and negative thinking.
I now have the best relationship with my parents that I’ve ever had, and I don’t have to try to act differently, I’m just different because my subconscious thoughts are different due to my new neural connections.


I enjoy more success than I ever have and I don’t have to try to think differently and attract new opportunities or healthier people in my life. I just live, and life is happening the way most of us who desire a joyful, stable, balanced, loving life without limitations.

Oppression, not feeling worthy, abuse, trauma, and implants from others influenced us at a young age preventing us from the very thing we’re trying so hard to attain.

Successful, happy relationships, financial stability, balanced health, self-love, etc. Imagine not having to try to suppress unhealthy behavior toward yourself, which often sabotaged success.

Unlike traditional therapy where you may visit a counselor once per week for months or years, the technique I use will work within our session time to remove an unwanted emotional attachment to an event or person.

Your next session will address a different unwanted emotion and so on.

In later sessions, we will create a life plan to install a new positive thought and behavior to move you in the direction you desire once your limitations are neutralized.

In my Beyond Discovery one on one sessions to release/neutralize one attachment to a person or event from your past you should not need me for more than five sessions.

In most cases, someone without trauma, such as a phobia may not need more than one session to release that phobia. And in some cases, I never need to know details of your issue. It will take some people approximately 20-40 minutes to release from each unwanted emotion or event that has plagued them for so long, provided they’re able to feel old unwanted feelings. Or it can take up to two hours, usually due to lack of identifying the root cause of the issue we are trying to neutralize.

The benefits people receive, including myself after being released from past limitations are far reaching. Ancillary benefits have been revealed in ways often not addressed during the session.

Discovery is often the most difficult task prior to these sessions.

Positive change is inevitable when using this technique since the thoughts that plague you will not be present anymore. Whether that be a new manner in how you treat others, or yourself and thought patterns. Or perhaps you no longer resist performing certain tasks and facing uncomfortable issues that can lead you toward the success you desire. Or you may simply begin to accept yourself and others and feel worthy of success and what that means to you.

The difference with the program and techniques I use is night and day compared to any other therapy I’ve experienced, and it works fast.

Here are some common denominators with clients who released unwanted emotions from their unwanted past. The scene/movie that plays in their head, whether it’s a parental abuse or disapproval, or event that took place when asking the client to recall the unwanted emotion, are unable to feel that emotion. Trying to recall the emotion or the movie/scene is broken up and cannot play all the way through.

The disapproving or angry, unhealthy parent is not the boss of them and their thoughts anymore. You will be liberated to make your own decisions with a new voice, and thoughts, your own.

Benefits of signing up for Beyond Discovery:

  • Uncover negative beliefs and behaviors impeding the success you desire
  • Adopt new actionable tools for success
  • Release past judgments/mistakes and regrets. Create and begin acting upon life goals
  • 5 sessions to break unwanted neural networks (negative thinking/feeling) to unhealthy parent(s), boss, ex husband/wife, regretful decisions etc. (PSTD may need more sessions for a trauma)
  • 3 sessions to create and install new neural connections of new beliefs and behaviors (positive thoughts/feelings). You will begin acting upon the tasks it takes to achieve your new life plan
  • Your confidence will naturally increase
  • Eliminate anxiety if due to emotional issues
  • Set goals without sabotaging your success
  • Achieve goals without sabotaging your success
  • Set boundaries without worry
  • Life without anger or fear

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