George DiGianni

Behavioral Change Consultant for Athletes, Upper Level Managers and Personal Development

George DiGianni Bio:

With more than 27 years of experience as a thought leader and entrepreneur in the health industry, my hands-on and well-researched approach resonates across all industries to help leaders excel beyond their current level of success.

My life purpose– to positively and profoundly affect the life of every person I meet by assisting them in identifying impediments to their success, their passion and purpose, and to transform their lives to achieve the change they seek.

My past wellness clients include:

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks

Dennis Rodman, NBA champion

Dick Smothers of the Smothers Brothers

Eli Young, lead singer of the Eli Young Band


Being a Harvard Business School graduate and twenty-seven-year entrepreneur has taught me a lot about success and failure as a direct result of how we perceive ourselves and communication.

Since 1999, I’ve hosted a wellness radio show called, the Train Station Fitness show, which airs every Saturday at 6:50 AM on 1310 AM / 96.7 FM, the Ticket (

It’s been a pleasure to have been interviewed by talented people at NBC, TXCN, WFAA, Fox Sports Southwest, and WB33 in addition to many appearances on such shows as Good Day Dallas, the Channel 4 Morning Show, Texas Accents and Health Connection.

As an author, behavioral modification and business coach, I’ve also been a widely in-demand speaker who empowers audiences to identify and redefine who they are and what they wish to accomplish by following their passion.